NCS is directed by a Governing Board composed of parents, alumnae, and other friends of the School.
Six members serve ex officio: the bishop of Washington, the Head of School, two members of the NCS faculty, a representative of the NCS Alumnae Advisory Group, and a representative of the NCS Parents Association. The faculty members and the Alumnae Advisory Group and Parents Association representatives are nominated by the Board and elected by the Protestant Episcopal Cathedral Foundation, as are the remaining at-large members, who serve three-year terms.
The Governing Board entrusts the administration of the school to the Head of School. Primary responsibility for the well-being of the school rests with the Board. Its tasks include:
  • establishing policy for the educational affairs of the institution;
  • selecting and evaluating the Head of School; and
  • ensuring sound fiscal management, adequate philanthropic support, and wise conservation of the school's assets and physical plant.


Ms. Ellen Jakovic
Mr. Tae-Sik Yoon
Vice Chair
Ms. Jeannie Stovall Musslewhite
The Rt. Rev. Mariann Edgar Budde
Bishop of Washington, ex officio

Ms. Susan C. Bosland
Head of school, ex officio


List of 30 members.

  • David Ayres 

  • Helen Bechtel 00

  • Bhavana Boggs 

  • Sue Bosland 

  • Ashura Buckley 

  • Mariann Budde 

  • Mariana Bush 

  • James Donovan 

  • Jeffrey Griffin 

  • Elizabeth "Liz" Hayes 

  • Joseph "Joe" Hockey 

  • Paul Horvath 

  • Aasheema Hudda 

  • Ellen Jakovic 

  • Roy Kapani 

  • Justin Maaia 

  • Kevin Morin 

  • Jeannie Musslewhite 

  • Carmen Perkins 

  • Laura Puryear 

  • Roland Reynolds 

  • Irasema Salcido 

  • Edward "Ed" Shapiro 

  • Linda Solomon 82

  • Gay Truscott 80

  • Mieka Wick 93

  • Devon Williams 

  • Heather Willis 88

  • Tae-Sik Yoon 

  • Glenn Youngkin