Provide for an Enduring National Cathedral School

Strong financial health is a necessary foundation of fulfilling our long-term mission. NCS’s financial outlook is healthy, thanks to strong enrollment and fiscally responsible stewardship of tuition and philanthropic dollars. To allow NCS to further bolster its leadership position in an increasingly competitive educational landscape, the time is right to embark on a campaign to increase the school’s endowment.

This strategic plan builds upon the accomplishments of its predecessors, which were made possible through philanthropy. A recent example is the completion in 2017 of the school’s Master Facilities Plan through the Educating Women for the World Campaign, which provided a new library, science labs, performing and assembly spaces, and Grace Chapel. Such community-wide investment in NCS’s strategic priorities has advanced the school in immeasurable ways, and we will keep our focus in the years ahead on continuing this proud legacy.
To provide for an enduring National Cathedral School, we will pursue the following actions over the next five years:

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  • Launch an Endowment Campaign for Excellence

    • Provide a rich program of academic and extracurricular opportunities, including additional STEAM opportunities
    • Attract and retain the most talented faculty and staff in an ever-more-competitive market
    • Strengthen outreach programs that attract students of character and great promise
    • Increase support for students from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds
    • Ensure that NCS’s facilities fulfill the school’s ambitions
  • Strengthen Our Economic Model

    • Expand the universe of philanthropic and volunteer leaders with a strong commitment to NCS
    • Identify and implement operational efficiencies, including in coordination with other Cathedral Close institutions
    • Increase non-tuition-based sources of income
  • Cultivate Long-Term Relationships

    • Deepen relationships with committed community members by engaging them in school life
    • Increase communication with supporters of NCS and demonstrate the impact of their support
    • Develop programs and initiatives that inspire a culture of lifelong philanthropic support