Enrich the Student Experience

A supportive network of classmates, faculty, staff, and parents encourages each NCS student to realize her individual potential in a community of engaged learners. Faculty and staff support each student’s learning and growth with kindness and by providing the tools and space to offer her best. Teachers and students forge strong bonds of mutual respect through the passionate exchange of ideas. While NCS provides a challenging academic environment, we also promote physical, emotional, spiritual, and social well-being through the development of healthy habits. Through her education here, an NCS student prepares for a lifetime of possibilities.
To enrich the student experience, we will pursue the following actions over the next five years:

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  • Enhance the Learning Experience

    • Reinforce grade-appropriate guidelines to balance student commitments with an appropriately rigorous curriculum
    • Inspire students through a joyful learning environment.
    • Provide experiences beyond classroom instruction that allow for exploration and lead to improved self-knowledge
    • Engage students in community service and local internships that develop skills and empower the girls on their personal journey
  • Nurture Each Student’s Academic, Social, and Emotional Growth

    • Expand programs that promote life skills and practices students will carry into adulthood, such as resilience, collaboration, curiosity, and sound decision-making
    • Encourage each student to pursue her passions and strengthen her selfconfidence and self-advocacy skills
    • Establish goals in partnership with parents to ensure the health and well-being of their children
    • Encourage students’ spiritual development in a community of faith and conscience
    • Advance best practices in academic and socialemotional counseling