Advance an Inclusive Educational Environment

NCS expresses the philosophy of the Washington National Cathedral and the Episcopal Church by embracing the diversity of human experience. Just as the Cathedral is a “house of prayer for all people,” NCS honors all faith traditions and welcomes and celebrates students, faculty, and staff from all backgrounds. Diversity, inclusion, and a multicultural community enrich our learning, as the free exchange of views in an atmosphere of mutual respect combines with a culture encouraging individual expression.
To advance an inclusive educational environment, we will pursue the following actions over the next five years:

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  • Live Our Values as an Inclusive Community

    • Expand our current efforts to attract and retain outstanding students, faculty, and staff from diverse backgrounds
    • Provide opportunities and support so that all NCS families may participate in school life
    • Build upon current programming to welcome NCS families to the school and Cathedral Close communities
  • Educate for a Diverse and Global Community

    • Advance a global curriculum that prepares students to effectuate positive change
    • Formalize current practices that promote students’ self-awareness and cultural understanding
    • Establish school-wide goals for measuring the effectiveness and progress of an inclusive program
  • Advocate the Philosophy of an Inclusive Education

    • Expand training opportunities for faculty, staff, parents, and trustees regarding multicultural education, inclusion, and equity and opportunity for all
    • Demonstrate leadership in encouraging diversity in inquiry and thought
    • Pursue further opportunities to celebrate the breadth of backgrounds among our students, faculty, and staff