Strengthen Our Community’s Connections

Our school community is united by its dedication to the potential of young women and a belief that nurturing this potential will develop adults of extraordinary capacity. A lifelong relationship with NCS therefore serves as a powerful source of support and inspiration. In turn, our partnership with Beauvoir: The National Cathedral Elementary School, St. Albans School, and the Washington National Cathedral creates opportunities to connect in meaningful ways that nurture us in character, values, and faith.
To strengthen our community’s connections, we will pursue the following actions over the next five years:

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  • Build Upon NCS Community Connections

    • Foster new networking connections and lifelong relationships with NCS and among alumnae, with special attention on opportunities to connect current students with alumnae
    • Expand national alumnae leadership and further develop regional volunteer programs
    • Create and implement additional strategies for communicating with parents regarding their children’s progress and well-being
    • Engage parents and alumnae as active partners in community service initiatives
    • Increase opportunities for current and former NCS families to deepen their connection to NCS and other Cathedral Close institutions
  • Seek Greater Coordination on the Close

    • Engage St. Albans, Beauvoir, and the Cathedral in developing a strategic plan for coordination
    • Work with these Cathedral Close institutions to improve communication and collaboration
  • Advance Environmental Sustainability

    • Develop a process for considering new environmentally responsible initiatives and communicate ongoing commitments and progress
    • Increase use of environmentally friendly resources and practices
    • Coordinate with the other Cathedral Close institutions in being guardians of the natural environment for the present and future