National Cathedral School is dedicated to preparing young women for a world that needs their wisdom, their curiosity, their variety — their power.

An NCS education amply prepares one for her future, wherever that may lead. Here she builds confidence, gathers allies, tests strengths, finds the courage to explore new areas of interest, and discovers resilience — life lessons that she will never outgrow. She also experiences a stimulating academic life, priming her for a lifetime of learning. Nothing is beyond the grasp of an NCS woman, and we are both proud and unsurprised to count stateswomen, Olympic athletes, and rocket scientists among our alumnae.

Girls studying in the company of girls makes a real difference. Here, students feel encouraged to take risks and actively participate in class, to contribute to their communities in meaningful ways, and to provide leadership in extracurricular activities. The deep friendships that form between classmates, built on shared experiences, initiative, and principles, last long beyond their time at NCS.

Our website contains more about what makes NCS such a great place for girls and enables each student to become the young woman she is meant to be. But the best way to learn about NCS is to experience it firsthand. To get even more information and arrange a campus visit, please contact us.

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