In keeping with our mission, National Cathedral School offers students a remarkable grounding in the fundamental subjects while encouraging them to develop and use their power: the power of problem-solving, the power of leadership, the power of community. Our classrooms are vibrant places where students hone their skills, build their confidence, and challenge themselves.
In all three divisions — Lower School (grades 4-6), Middle School (grades 7 and 8) and Upper School (grades 9-12) — math, science, social sciences, and English are at the heart of the daily curriculum. In the Lower School, students also explore French or Spanish, studio art, instrumental and choral music, physical education, and computer science. Middle School students find a wider variety of art offerings, two additional language options (Chinese and Latin), and the opportunity to play competitive sports. Upper School offers more electives in the arts, humanities, and sciences. Students can also design their own independent studies. Upper School electives are coordinate with St. Albans School, so NCS students have a wider variety of courses and peers to learn with.
We know how powerful a curious and engaged student can be, and our curriculum is designed to encourage and develop that power. This section of our website discusses more about each division's approach to the curriculum.
We also recognize that learning doesn't stop once girls leave the classroom. Our Center for Ethical Leadership and Service has designed a co-curriculum for grades 4 through 12 that includes health and wellness, religious studies, community service, and leadership. These topics are woven into class and seminar experiences, as well as Cathedral worship services, lecture series, and homeroom meetings. NCS students live by four core values — excellence, service, courage, and conscience — and we embrace these values in the classroom, on the field, on stage, abroad in global programs, and in our meeting time together.