NCS is fortunate to have nearly 200 alumnae serving as volunteers. From Class Representatives to Regional Points of Contact, our volunteers bolster the NCS alumnae community in many ways. We are always seeking enthusiastic alumnae to join our volunteer programs, so if you are interested in learning more, reach out to the Director of Alumnae Engagement, Chloe Post, via email or phone, (202) 537-6359.

NCS is directed by a Governing Board composed of parents, alumnae, and other friends of the school. While the head of school oversees the administration of the school, the Board has primary responsibility for its well-being. Areas of focus include:
  • establishing policy for the educational affairs of the institution;
  • selecting and evaluating the head of school; and
  • ensuring sound fiscal management, adequate philanthropic support, and wise conservation of the school's assets and physical plant.
 See the Governing Board members.

The Alumnae Advisory Group (AAG) counsels NCS's professional staff on alumnae engagement programs and supports the school’s efforts to fortify existing relationships and foster new connections among alumnae and between alumnae and the school. Members serve as exemplary philanthropic and volunteer leaders by supporting the school annually and being active in the alumnae community.
The following alumnae currently serve in the AAG:
Penny Webb Armstrong ‘60
Melissa Boasberg ‘86
Leah Calvo ‘05
Anne Brooks Gwaltney ’75, Ex-Officio
Rufaro Makanda ’06
Barbara “Lou” Rollinson ‘77
Teri Allen Walters ’80, President
Casey Orr Whitman ‘02
Amanda Williams ‘92
Heather McDaniel Willis ‘88
Nearly 50 percent of NCS alumnae live outside of the Greater Washington, D.C. region, making the work of our Regional Points of Contact vital to ensuring our NCS alumnae community remains engaged with the school and with one another. These volunteers serve as school ambassadors for their respective cities or regions, hosting events, connecting alumnae, and more. If you have recently moved to a new area, reach out to your Regional Point of Contact. Not seeing your city listed and interested in serving as your area’s Regional Point of Contact? Reach out to Chloe Post, director of alumnae engagement via email or phone, (202) 537-6359.
Atlanta: Molly Atwood Taylor '91
Boston: Sarah Walsh '99
Cape Cod: Marilyn Pond Brigham ‘73
Chicago: Lisbeth Fotheringill '03
Florida: Helen Gill Arnold '83 and Gillian Schweitzer Boice '85
Four Corners: Victoria Allen ‘02
London, England: Izzy Hupez ’15
Los Angeles: Heather Anderson '82
Nantucket: Melanie Gowen ‘05
Nashville: Sumner Canfield ’10
New York: Heather McDaniel Willis '88
Pacific Northwest: Diane Burr-Dickey ‘62
San Francisco: Sarah Lewis Cortes ’78 and Jessie Myers-Schecter '91
Washington, D.C.: Catherine Gaines '92
The Black Alumnae Association (BAA) was established in 1990 with the purpose of enriching the NCS Black alumnae experience. In addition, through working with the Black Student Union and the Black Parent Alliance, the BAA strives to improve the NCS experience for students of color and their families. In 1994, the BAA began hosting an annual induction ceremony and reception to welcome Black graduating seniors into the BAA. Each participant is given a kente sash which incorporates NCS’s colors. Interested in joining the BAA? Reach out to Chair Jeni Hansen ’96.

Class Agents serve as vital volunteers for the Annual Fund. At 8 percent of the school’s operating budget, the Annual Fund remains NCS’s top fundraising priority each year. Agents are asked to both support the Fund themselves, as well as encourage classmate participation throughout the year. Interested in serving as a Class Agent? Contact Molly Wadsworth, director of annual giving, via email or phone, (202) 537-6676.  
Jan Holderness ‘56
Betsy Christenberry Holleman Burke ’60
Diane Burr-Dickey ‘62
Susie April Marshall ‘63
Vicki Van Rensselaer ‘67
Lydia Kimball ‘73
Anne Brooks Gwaltney ‘75
Barbara "Lou" Rollinson ‘77
Eleanor Tessier ‘82
Tatia Williams Carson ‘83
Anne Handwerger Large ’86, Co-Chair
Jessie Myers-Schecter ’91
Anja Brau ‘94
Talhia Tuck ‘96
Jennifer Berk ‘97
Sophie Weidner ‘99
Casey Orr Whitman ‘02
Heartie Dunnan Daddino ’06
Sarah Remes ‘06
Alexis Ellis ‘07
Kelley Hodge ‘07
Alex Abington ‘08
Brett Anderson ‘10
Emma Grauberger ‘12
Kate Cox ’13, Co-Chair
Lizzie Wiggins ‘16
Karis Felton ‘17

Behind every successful NCS Reunion is a team of dedicated volunteers who spend countless hours working on creating unforgettable Reunion Weekend experiences! Reunion Committee members work with the Office of Alumnae Engagement on creating the Reunion Weekend schedule, promoting class participation in the Annual Fund, helping to secure nominations for Alumnae Awards, and planning class events. All are welcome to serve on their class’s Reunion Committee! The commitment is a one-year term. 
Upcoming Reunion celebrations:
2024 – 4s and 9s
2025 – 5s and 0s
2026 – 6s and 1s
2027 – 7s and 2s
2028 – 3s and 8s
View the complete list of 2023 Reunion Committee members.

In the past, the primary responsibility of Class Representatives has been to collect Class Notes for NCS Magazine. Over time, this role has evolved into a more comprehensive class liaison position. Our Representatives help keep their fellow classmates connected to one another and with all that is going on at the school. They also provide the Alumnae Office with updated classmate contact information and general feedback on all things alumnae engagement.
Jean Frantz Blackall '46
Parkie Adams Blaylock '49
Lee Thomas (On behalf of her deceased mother Patricia “Patou” DuBois McIsaac ’50)
Molly Harris Leban '51
Shirley Shreve McCombe '53
Jeanne Greening ‘54
Stephanie Arterton Bartlett ‘56
Beth Schuyler Dilworth '56
Mogy Lucas Holmes '56
Melissa MacKenzie ‘56
Page Dahl Crosland '57
Penny Oberne Kamis '58
Marcia Yingling Schwuchow '60
Karen Swenson Loiseaux '61
Gaye Roddis McGovern '61
Sarah Stuart McIlvain '61
Susie Lewis Wilbanks '61
Patty Noble Mason '62
Susie April Marshall '63
Deena Delany '64
Denny Stein '65
Helen Graham Stubbs '66
Vicki Van Rensselaer '67
Susan Gutchess '68
Leslie Provence '69
Pat Row King '70
Judy Karasik '71
Patrice Nelson ‘71
Laura Roper ‘72
Karen Kalavritinos Rarog '73
Sandy Boek Werness '73
Betsey Kane '74
Jan Pettie Williams '75
Tina Chen Starke '76
Hall Gregg '77
Ann Journey '78
Rebecca Ravenal '79
Teri Allen Walters '80
Shan Swain Kilbridge '81
Melissa Pranger McConnell '82
Michelle Washington '84
Charlotte Daniel Wray '84
Kristen Staples Durkin '86
Hilary Liftin '87
Catrin Morris '89
Mirah Sederlof Briley '91
Leslie Rosberg Sarma '92
Charlie Phynes Garcia '93
Jeni Hansen '96
Monica Barnes '97
Cavan Doyle '98
Kimya Gharib Kurilla '98
Nancy Matthews '99
Meghan Edwards-Ford Rissmiller '99
Anna Bierlein Handy '00
Elizabeth Krabill McIntyre '01
Kimi Aghevli Darrell '02
Michelle Dunkley Keys '02
Julia Chen Rinaldi '03
Bridget Splain Meehan '04
Leah Calvo '05
Charlotte Woolley Stewart '05
Holly Simpson '06
Kate Adamson '07
Vanessa Lukas '07
Brittany Bordeaux Knight '08
Margaret Rawson '08
Alison Courtney '09
Kylie Gemmell '09
Grace Zimmerman '09
Brett Andersen '10
Madeline Duff '10
Zayna Bakizada '11
Adrienne Larson '11
Bridget Morrison '11
Aloise Phelps '11
Megan Peden '12
Marissa Baly Simone '12
Polly Terzian '13
Ilina Mitra '14
Calista Tavallali '14
Christine Evans '15
Gabrielle Tran '15
Alison Cenname '16
Hadley Irwin '16
Julia Grigorian '17
Caroline Morin '17
Lilyanna D'Amato '18
Allyson Edge '18
Lilly Freemyer '18
McKenna Dunbar '19
Anne King '19
Emilia Boggs ’20
Lucy Freemyer ’20
Sophia Rees ’23