Alumnae Awards

To nominate an alumna for one of the Awards listed below, please complete our nomination form or email your nomination to Director of Alumnae Engagement Chloe Cogo. Please include your full name and class year, the nominee's name and class year, which award you are nominating them for, and a brief note explaining why you are nominating them.   
Alumnae Awards are one of the highest honors graduates of National Cathedral School can receive from their alma mater. For many years, NCS bestowed the following awards on alumnae: Professional Achievement, Young Professional Achievement, Volunteer Achievement, Young Volunteer Achievement, and the Bettie Warner Thompson ’46 Lifetime Achievement Award.  
This year, in an effort to broaden what we wish to recognize as an institution and to better align with the values of our mission, the Alumnae Office will give awards for each of the values we strive to instill and uphold at NCS, which are outlined in the NCS Mission Statement: excellence, service, courage, and conscience. We will continue to bestow upon one deserving alumna the Bettie Warner Thompson ’46 Lifetime Achievement Award, which recognizes unparalleled commitment to NCS.  

  • Excellence Award
    Recognition of an alumna who has shown mastery of a skill or talent and/or has achieved distinction in their field.  

  • Service Award 
    Recognition of an alumna who has made a difference in the world contributing to the greater good of humanity and responding with purpose to the needs of others.   

  • Courage Award
    Recognition of an alumna who has acted with conviction, strength, and integrity, standing up for themselves and others. 

  • Conscience Award 
    Recognition of an alumna who is guided by an abiding sense of right and wrong and has sought ethical responses to life’s challenges.  

  • Bettie Warner Thompson ’46 Lifetime Achievement Award  
    Recognition of lifelong support, loyalty, and commitment to NCS through participation as an alumnae volunteer, and/or philanthropic support of the school.  

Nominate Your Classmates for the Alumnae Awards

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Nominations will be evaluated by a committee of faculty and staff, and final selections will be made by Head of School Elinor Scully. The Awards will be presented during the Alumnae Awards Luncheon in Hearst Auditorium on Saturday, May 4.
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