Strength & Conditioning

The National Cathedral Strength and Conditioning Department is dedicated to decreasing the prevalence of injury, enhancing athletic performance, and encouraging students to implement healthy lifestyle practices. Promoting total body strength, practicing efficient movement patterns, and learning appropriate dietary needs for sports help decrease the occurrence of injury.

Athletic performance will be amplified through the development of individualized and sport-specific strength, speed, agility, endurance, and flexibility. These skills may be used for the upcoming sports season and for the lifelong pursuit of health and fitness.

Through physical education classes, team workouts, and individual consultations, the strength and conditioning staff will work to encourage each athlete to challenge her physical limits, encourage her teammates, and take pride in a job well done.

NCS Strength and Conditioning Programs

Upper School Personal Fitness
  • Promotes the importance of physical activity, nutrition, and healthy cognitive function.
Middle School Personal Fitness
  • Implements fun and creative exercise programs to promote health and fitness in adolescent youth.
  • Integrates sports skills, movement based training, and fitness exercises.
Lower School Agility Skills Development
  • Teaches the importance of form running, athletic position, core strength, and movement technique to improve athletic ability.
Sports Conditioning
  • Helps athletes reach their optimal strength, movement, and cardiovascular level for their specific sport.
Faculty/Staff Strength Exercise Programs
  • Promotes healthy lifestyles through group strength training and nutrition talks.
Heart Health for Women
  • Encourages physical activity and healthy eating habits to decrease the incidence of heart disease and stroke.

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    Paul Berry 

    Director of Strength and Conditioning; Physical Education Teacher
Mission Statement
Grounded in The National Cathedral School’s mission and core values of excellence, courage, service and conscience, the strength and conditioning program seeks to maximize the potential of each individual student-athlete to build a strong body, mind, and spirit.

The NCS Strength and Conditioning department seeks to:

(1) improve athletic performance through the principles of periodization, specificity, and progressive overloading

(2) decrease the potential for injury through implementation of research based year-round team workouts, dynamic warm-ups, and cool down stretching routines

(3) provide a variety of nutritional information and guidance to improve physical and mental preparation

Please see our strength and conditioning software TeamBuildr for programing and exercise prescription. To view your programing please email Coach Berry; You may follow this video to create your username and password.

  • Record reps and sets
  • Track max lifts
  • View workout video descriptions
  • Encourage teammates and ask questions on the team message board
  • Request personalized changes to your programs or modifications for injuries
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The France-Merrick Fitness & Weight Room

This 4,000-square-foot facility has over 5,000 pounds of free weights, 30 training stations, and a full line of variable resistance machines. Its cardiovascular equipment includes treadmills, bicycles, rowers, stair-steppers and elliptical machines. The fitness and weight room also has a 10-yard stretching area and is equipped with speed-development and plyometric equipment including medicine balls, boxes, and resistance bands.