Campus Life

National Cathedral School is located on the grounds of the Washington National Cathedral in northwest Washington, DC. Our unique location, both in DC and on the Cathedral Close, allows us to offer rich opportunities for students to explore our nation’s capitol as well as the many facets of a spiritual life.
NCS dedicates itself to fostering a welcoming and nurturing community. We offer a broad range of opportunities designed to cultivate the many talents of our diverse community. Small class sizes ensure that the teachers know their students intimately and work with them individually to improve. Our Advisory program is just one more method for us to discover the best possible curriculum for each student based on interests and strengths.
Students who attend NCS often say they have the best of both worlds. They are a part of an all-girls school that offers many co-educational opportunities with their brother school, St. Albans. While most of the classes are single-sex, students have coeducational opportunities in the classroom, including 11th- and 12th-grade English; in the arts; and in athletics.
Each NCS student has a full schedule of classes and other activities each weekday. Classes run from 8:00 am to 2:45 pm, followed by office hours, when students can meet individually with teachers. Sports begin at 3:45 pm, after the academic day, and the options are numerous. Students can choose to participate in an interscholastic sport that meets five days a week, or they can choose among the many physical education options that meet usually two afternoons a week. Performing arts programs are also extensive, including various musical ensembles and theatrical opportunities. Most performing arts are scheduled throughout the academic day except for the theater rehearsals which run in the evening.
For many students, weekly all-school services in the Cathedral are a cherished time of the week. Students from 4th through 12th grade sing, perform, give readings, and address the school during these services. By demonstrating their talents, sharing experiences, and promoting action for social good, they find their voices.