Inaugural 'Hackathon' Draws Dozens of Participants

On April 15, National Cathedral School hosted its inaugural "hackathon" at the Jane Craige Gray '32 Library. This computer science and technology fair was open to students of all skill levels, and it drew more than 50 current and newly accepted students for the opportunity to learn more about coding websites, apps, and games and to program in multiple languages. Students also constructed, programmed, and ran robots, took virtual-reality field trips and used wearable technology.
The hackathon's workshops were taught entirely by members of NCS's Girls Who Code club, who showed how students could hack their math homework via MATLAB, code in virtual reality environments, and use color to initiate patterns for robots' sensors.
The day's keynote speaker, Taj Long, is a front-end developer and JavaScript expert. She spoke about being a woman in her field, and she led students in a session using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
Thanks to all who helped organize this eye-opening and inspirational day! Photos of the various activities are in the Media Gallery.
    • Keynote speaker Taj Long works with students on front-end web development.

    • Students get familiar with wearable technology.

    • Some of the workshops taught students how to program robots.