NCS Takes Part in Diversity Leadership Conferences

Last week, six Upper School students and 10 faculty members represented NCS at the annual NAIS People of Color Conference and Student Diversity Leadership Conference in Nashville, Tenn.
They were among an estimated 6,400 people who attended the conferences this year, of which about a quarter were students from around the country. The conferences provided educators and students knowledge, skills, and experiences to advance an inclusive educational environment at NCS, one of the priorities in the newly released 2018-2023 Strategic Plan.
Faculty and staff members Kelli Brevard, Denise Brown-Allen, Ashley Gunter, Christen Hernandez, Kathy Kiernan, Whitney Kelly, Rachel Mumford, Tamara Riquelme-Manzoni, David Sahr, and Tony Speranza attended the People of Color Conference. Rachael Flores, director of diversity and multicultural education, served on the faculty of the Student Diversity Leadership Conference for the sixth year.
NCS students who attended the Student Diversity Leadership Conference included Margaret Downing '19, Ashley Frago '19, Olivia Harley '19, Sophia McNicholas '20, Anaya Rodgers '20, and Kayla Smith '20.
    • Margaret Downing ’19, Ashley Frago ’19, Kayla Smith ’20, Sophia McNicholas ’20, Olivia Harley ’19, and Anaya Rodgers ’20 with Rachael Flores at the annual Student Diversity Leadership Conference.