A Cathedral School

National Cathedral School is the oldest of the institutions constituting the Protestant Episcopal Cathedral Foundation. Our students and teachers are intimately connected to the Washington National Cathedral and its other institutions on the Cathedral Close by ties that are spiritual, educational, and legal, and by traditions born of long association. The Cathedral is the venue for the weekly NCS Cathedral service and for all major NCS events, from opening services to graduation.
Students have the opportunity to become members of the Whitechapel Guild of Bell Ringers, Cathedral Girls Choristers, and Acolytes for regular Cathedral services.

Facts At A Glance

School Type: National Cathedral School for Girls (NCS) is an Episcopal, independent college preparatory day school for girls in grades 4-12.

Enrollment: 585 students 

Student/Faculty Ratio: 8 to 1

Financial Aid: NCS awarded more than $3.3 million in financial aid to 19% of the student body for 2015-2016.

Campus: NCS is located at the intersection of Wisconsin and Massachusetts Avenues in northwest Washington, DC, and is situated on the 59-acre Cathedral Close with Beauvoir School and St. Albans School.

Diversity: Students of color constitute 38% of the NCS student body.

Coordinate Program: NCS has a strong coordinate program of classes and extracurricular activities with St. Albans School.

Date Founded: October 1900. NCS is the oldest of the schools on the Cathedral Close and was built before the Cathedral itself.

Mascot:  The Eagle

Purple and Gold:  School colors, as well as two teams comprised of the entire student body, faculty, and staff. Following tradition originating in the 1930s and 40s, each student is assigned a team color upon entrance to NCS; legacy students may opt to join the team of her predecessor. Teams compete over the year to earn points, and the year's winner is announced at Flag Day. A student will carry her team designation throughout her entire career at NCS. 

The School Shield: It is based upon the shield of the Episcopal Diocese of Washington, DC, established in 1895. The shield unites symbols of the church with others related to Washington, DC, and the whole colored to be in harmony with the arms of the United States. On top is the Jerusalem Cross, symbol of the kingdom of God and the city of Jerusalem.  The five crosses traditionally are said to symbolize the five wounds of Christ. Below are elements from the Washington family arms (granted 1592), a white field with two horizontal red stripes and three red stars. The middle star has been replaced by a crown of five towers, a form that in heraldry indicates a principal city, a capital, or the seat of a bishop.

College Matriculation

Colleges in bold have 3 or more NCS alumnae matriculations.

American University
Amherst College
Barnard College
Bates College
Bennington College
Boston College
Boston University
University of British Columbia
Brown University
Bryn Mawr College
Bucknell University
California Institute of Technology
University of California, Berkeley
University of California, Los Angeles
University of Cambridge
Carleton College
Carnegie Mellon University
Chapman University
College of Charleston
University of Chicago
Claremont McKenna College
Colby College
Colgate University
Colorado College
Columbia University
Connecticut College
Cornell University
Dalhousie University
Dartmouth College
Davidson College
Denison University
Dickinson College
Duke University
Durham University
University of Edinburgh
Elon University
Eugene Lang College: The New School for Liberal Arts
Franklin and Marshall College
Furman University
The George Washington University
Georgetown University
Georgia Institute of Technology
The University of Georgia
Gettysburg College
Grinnell College
Hamilton College
Hampton University
Harvard University
Howard University
University of Illinois at Urbana--Champaign
Johns Hopkins University
Kenyon College
King's College London
Loyola University New Orleans
Macalester College
University of Maryland, Baltimore County
University of Maryland, College Park
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
McGill University
University of Miami
University of Michigan
Middlebury College
New York University
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Northeastern University
Northwestern University
University of Notre Dame
Occidental College
University of Oklahoma
Parsons: The New School for Design
University of Pennsylvania
Pepperdine University
University of Pittsburgh
Princeton University
University of Richmond
Roger Williams University
University of San Diego
Sciences Po
Sewanee: The University of the South
Skidmore College
University of South Carolina
University of Southern California
Southern Methodist University
Spelman College
University of St. Andrews
St. John's University
St. Olaf College
Stanford University
Syracuse University
University of Toronto
Trinity College
Tufts University
Tulane University
University of Oxford
Vanderbilt University
Vassar College
University of Vermont
Villanova University
Virginia Tech
University of Virginia
Wake Forest University
Washington and Lee University
Washington University in St. Louis
Wellesley College
Wesleyan University
Wheaton College IL
College of William and Mary
Williams College
University of Wisconsin, Madison
The College of Wooster
Yale University