NCS is directed by a Governing Board composed of parents, alumnae, and other friends of the School. Seven members serve ex officio: the bishop of Washington, the head of school, two representatives elected by the NCS faculty, the president of the NCS Alumnae Association, the president of the NCS Parents Association, and a member of the Cathedral Chapter. The remaining members are elected by the board and serve three-year terms.

The Governing Board entrusts the administration of the school to the head of school. Primary responsibility for the well-being of the school rests with the board. Its tasks include:

  • establishing policy for the educational affairs of the institution;
  • selecting and evaluating the head of school; and
  • ensuring sound fiscal management, adequate philanthropic support, and wise conservation of the school's assets and physical plant.


Ms. Elise Rabekoff

Ms. Alice Hill '74
Vice Chair

Mr. Tae-Sik Yoon

The Rt. Rev. Mariann Edgar Budde
Bishop of Washington, ex officio

Mrs. Kathleen O'Neill Jamieson
Head of school, ex officio


List of 24 members.

  • Bhavana Boggs 

  • Ashura Buckley 

  • Mariana Bush 

  • Robert Carter 

  • James Donovan 

  • Carlos Fierro 

  • Husnal Gill 

  • Jeffrey Griffin 

  • Alice Hill 

  • Paul Horvath 

  • Aasheema Hudda 

  • Ellen Jakovic 

  • Kathleen Jamieson 

  • Roy Kapani 

  • Maryanne Lavan 

  • Kevin Morin 

  • Alice Mott 

  • Annette Nazareth 

  • Elise Rabekoff 

  • Tamara Riquelme-Manzoni 

  • Tony Speranza 

  • Heather Willis 

  • Tae-Sik Yoon 

  • Glenn Youngkin