NCS has a long-standing tradition of community and personal honor. In joining the NCS community, each individual commits herself to uphold the spirit and letter of the Honor Code.


Honesty, in school as in life, is of paramount importance. Lying, cheating, and stealing will not be tolerated and may result in expulsion.

  • NCS students do not lie. Even misleading someone, knowingly, can undermine the value of truthfulness.
  • NCS students do not steal. The privacy of each person's desk, notebook or locker will remain just that-private. Please ask for permission to use anyone's belongings and respect the shared properties in our community.
  • NCS students do not cheat. Cheating harms everyone, and it comes in many forms. Each NCS student has the right to learn freely and at her own pace. Unless otherwise stated by a teacher, such as collaborative assignments, anyone who receives or gives information on assigned work or tests is violating someone else's freedom.
  • Another type of cheating is copying directly from a source when writing a research paper without acknowledging the source. NCS teachers will show you how to use printed information without copying.

For our community to operate effectively, we all agree upon and adhere to certain basic guidelines and principles of behavior. In our daily life together we seek to conduct ourselves with trust, respect, and integrity.

  • Trust calls upon us to be honest in our academic and personal commitments and engenders forthright and open communication.
  • Respect covers a multitude of interactions, which range from cleaning up after ourselves in the dining room to respecting the ethnic or religious differences among us.
  • Integrity requires us to internalize the moral and ethical values we cherish so they become second nature.

These community values are simple. Applying them to daily life can be challenging. The NCS Honor Board, a faculty/student committee, reviews all infringements of the Honor Code and recommends suitable action to the school administration.