We need YOU to sign up to ensure our young athletes have healthy, nutritious snacks available after games and practices and before the long trek home. Oscar's will not open on days when we have no volunteers, so please sign up for as many shifts as you can!

This year, we have created two shorter shifts per day to make it easier for our parents to help out and still get the carpool home. Each shift will be 90 minutes long. If you want to sign-up for both shifts on your day, even better!

All school days; Monday-Friday
3:00-6:00 pm

Agnes C. Underwood Athletic Center
3490 Woodley Road, NW 
Washington, DC 20016
Oscar's is located on Lower Level I and has seating for approximately 25 people.

Keep an eye out for Oscar’s Purple Cart which takes Oscar’s onto the NCS fields during Varsity and Junior Varsity games.


Oscar's accepts cash, Oscar's gift cards, and can charge to NCS Student charge accounts (credit cards are not accepted).

Since November 2012 a dedicated group of volunteers have been serving NCS students, faculty, staff and visitors healthy snacks and beverages.  The Athletic Center is named in honor of Agnes Underwood, NCS Headmistress from 1989 to 2003, and OSCAR’S has been aptly named for Agnes Underwood’s beloved bulldog.

Oscar’s welcomes all interested parents to come on down and join the fun of volunteering and supporting the NCS community. We look forward to seeing you soon!


To provide NCS students and members of the Cathedral Close with beverages and nutritional snacks, in a friendly, clean environment suitable for sharing time with friends or studying.

To foster a sense of community amongst NCS parents and create an opportunity for parents to engage students in an informal setting.

Raise funds to support the NCS Athletic Center and its programs.

Oscar's Menu

List of 3 items.

  • Drinks

    Water - $1
    Chocolate Milk - $1
    Hot Chocolate - $1
    Hot Tea - $1
    Gatorade – $2
    Snapple: Diet Peach & Raspberry - $2
    Perrier - $2
    Izzie: Clementine & Pomegranate- $2
    Arnold Palmer - $2
    Frappuccino - $3
  • Food

    Nuts/Trail Mix - $1
    PB&J - $1
    Popcorn - $1
    Pop Tarts - Strawberry & Brown Sugar - $1
    Pirate Booty - $1
    Yogurts – Blueberry & Strawberry - $1
    2 Cheesestick’s - $1
    Granola Bar – Oats & Honey - $1
    Gum - $1
    Mouthguards - $1
    Toasted Bagels with Cream Cheese- $2
    Chips with Guacamole - $2
    Pretzels with Hummus - $2
    Peanut Butter with Apples - $2
    Nutella-To-Go - $2
    Chocolate Chip Cookies (served warm) - $2
    Soup - $2
    Luna Bar - $2
  • Boutique Bakery Items

    Homemade and delivered fresh weekly
    Muffins - $2
    Poptarts - $2
    Eagles Crunch - $3