Welcome to the 2012-2017 Strategic Plan for National Cathedral School. This document represents months of research, discussion, and deliberation on behalf of our students. It has been both exciting and rewarding to work together on a plan that reaffirms the school’s historic purpose and strengths while establishing the priorities to ensure a vibrant, sustainable future.
As part of the process, we have created a new mission statement, accompanied by an articulation of our core values. They are the foundation of school life and will inform the choices we make on our students’ behalf.

I am grateful to all who have participated in our intensive planning process; in particular I wish to thank our Steering Committee Co-Chairs Amanda Delk and Ted Hester, both of whom are current parents and members of our Governing Board.

To realize the promise of its title, On Behalf of Our Students, this strategic plan must be a living document, a working plan that our constituents will contribute to over the next years. The Governing Board, administration, faculty, and staff will report back to the NCS community on our annual progress in fulfilling this ambitious five-year plan, as well as on the many initiatives that will take us into the next decade. We welcome your thoughts on what you read here.


Kathleen O’Neill Jamieson
Head of School