National Cathedral School has a remarkable community of students, current and past parents, alumnae, faculty, and staff. Beyond sharing the singular experience of the Cathedral Close, the NCS community is founded upon a belief in the school’s core values, which include excellence, service, courage, and conscience. Together parents and the school help our students grow in the expression of these values, which will serve them throughout their lives. In addition, alumnae value the friendships made at NCS, many of which also endure for a lifetime.

We want all community members to experience a sense of meaningful connection to each other and the life of the school. We also recognize that modern life places competing demands upon our constituents’ time and attention. To encourage a shared sense of purpose, we will engage all community members, particularly the Parents Association and the Alumnae Association, in targeted, meaningful, and coordinated ways that are aligned with our core values and offer maximum benefit for our students. We also believe we can build a stronger community by more assertively communicating, internally and externally, the NCS story and the value of an NCS education. There is much about NCS we can celebrate together and communicate with pride to others.
To promote our community’s sense of connection and shared purpose, we will pursue the following goal over the next five years:

Build the NCS community around our core values and celebrate its unique character.
  • Communicate the value of girls’ single-sex education
  • Align parent and alumnae volunteer efforts with our shared values and goals for the girls 
  • Continue to seek ways the school and parents can constructively work together on issues central to girls’ growth and development 
  • Engage alumnae on behalf of current students and as loyal stewards of the school’s future
  • Seek greater coordination of community service efforts for maximum impact 
  • Celebrate the school’s history and vision with the help of alumnae and faculty/staff 
  • Define and market NCS’ unique educational programs and signature strengths
  • Increase faculty/staff engagement with the educational community on a national level 
  • Seek partnerships with other public and private organizations that share our values and goals