Creating the Plan: Committee

The Strategic Plan Steering Committee is charged with oversight of the process of developing the plan and its implementation. Our work began with customized electronic surveys of all of NCS’ constituencies: parents, alumnae, faculty, staff, and trustees. In addition, 10 focus groups were held with alumnae, parents, Upper and Middle School students, and faculty/staff. There were also two planning retreats involving over 50 community members. From this extensive research and deliberation, the Steering Committee identified five key areas for the school to focus upon over the next five years, which are:
  • Student Experience and Engagement 
  • Faculty and Staff
  • Diversity and Multiculturalism
  • Community and Culture
  • Sustainability
We look forward to working with the NCS community on the goals set forth in this report.
The Strategic Plan Steering Committee
Amanda Delk and Ted Hester, Committee Co-Chairs and Trustees
Jenny Chiang, Assistant Head for Advancement
Faye Ferguson, Director of Finance and Operations
Christopher Gladstone, Former Board Chair
Christine Grady, Trustee
Elizabeth Haile Hayes, Governing Board Vice-Chair; Former Board Chair
Kathleen O'Neill Jamieson, Head of School
Michael Kellogg, Governing Board Chair
Elinor Scully, Associate Head of School
Steve Weiswasser, Former Trustee

Creating the Plan: Retreat

December 12, 2011 and January 7, 2012

In addition to members of the Strategic Plan Steering Committee. the following members of our community took part in strategic planning retreats. In many cases they hold more than one role, i.e., parent and trustee or trustee and alumna.

Alice Hill ’74
Patrice Pitts ‘75
Penny Work ‘72
Kristen Crockett ‘94

Board of Trustees
Pat Bryski
Robert Cary
Armeane Choksi
Margarita Dilley
Amy Dunbar
Emily Lawson ‘89
Kathi Loughlin
Diana Goldberg
Jonathan Graham
Alice Mott
Vanessa Murray ’77
Annette Nazareth
Bob Shorb
Claire Pickard Slabaugh ‘89
Debra Lehman-Smith
Elizabeth Ulmer
Bruce Whelihan

Former Trustees
Michael Galvin
C. Boyden Gray (Former Board Chair)
Frank Gordon

Bhavanna Boggs
Joan Biskupic
Paul Horvath
Jessica Clark
Luis Deocare
Nancy Ehrlich
Dolores Hamilton
Tim Harger
Patty Howie
Erin Johnston
Lydia Lewis
Sally Rieger
Andrew Riely
David Sahr
Nicole Simopolous
Chris Snipe
Nilda Villata
Ryann Williams
Martin Yancey
Jennifer Zwelling

Arlana Agiliga ‘12 (Student Government President)
Marissa Baly ‘12 (Senior Class President)

NCS Administration
Heather Dent
Mary Jane McKinven
Maureen Miller
Sarah Pelmas
Tawana Purnell
Jody Soja