Faculty & Staff

National Cathedral School holds the teaching profession in the highest esteem and is committed to continuing the historically high quality of teaching available to our students. Compensation must be highly competitive and include an equitable array of benefits. Faculty/staff evaluation should recognize expertise and effectiveness in teaching a broad range of learners, inspire innovation, and promote growth through targeted professional development opportunities.

The community of professionals at NCS, who share common standards of excellence, is an important model for students. NCS is an intellectually vibrant workplace, marked by meaningful professional and personal relationships and a shared sense of pride and purpose among a diverse group of educators. Collaboration among NCS adults across divisions results in a dynamic educational continuum for girls in grades 4 through 12. In addition, faculty and staff accept responsibility for effective and supportive communication with parents and engage fully in the life of the school beyond immediate areas of responsibility.

To guarantee that NCS continues to offer the highest quality teaching and student support, we will pursue the following goals over the next five years:

Continue to attract and retain outstanding and diverse faculty and staff who are committed to inspired teaching and mentoring students
  • Develop creative compensation models, identifying the proper balance between salary and benefits 
  • Enhance career satisfaction for the experienced classroom teacher
  • Intensify recruitment efforts to attract exceptional educators to the NCS mission
  • Launch an internship program for outstanding beginning teachers
Foster an educational community that encourages and supports professional growth and a shared commitment to student learning
  • Revise and expand current faculty and staff professional development programs to align with strategic initiatives
  • Identify leadership opportunities for faculty to recognize innovation and celebrate excellence in teaching
  • Reframe evaluations to effectively assess performance and focus on the professional growth of faculty and staff