The Student Experience & Engagement

The talents and potential of NCS students are great. In response, NCS faculty and staff help students discover their strengths by challenging and supporting them in ways that anticipate the future. At NCS, young women learn to think analytically, to write clearly and with a unique voice, to speak with authority, and to work together to arrive at solutions. Because of the high level of skill developed throughout the 4th-12th grade program, NCS graduates take on the challenge of college and university life keenly aware of their potential for leadership and meaningful contributions.

The expansive opportunities at NCS, and the high expectations of the school, of our girls, and of our parents, place significant demands on our students. We believe that our academic and co-curricular programs must be matched by equally excellent initiatives to lend joy to the educational experience and to embrace and support a range of learners. We have made progress through professional development, the creation of the Teaching & Learning Center, and initiation of the homework policy; the next generation of this work will involve rigorous assessments of which current practices enhance the learning environment, which do not, and what new initiatives will advance our goals.

To enhance the student experience and engagement, we will pursue the following goals over the next five years:

Engage each girl in an NCS community where she is known and her contributions are valued and supported
  • Uphold the highest academic standards while nurturing and supporting a diverse group of students and their emotional, social, and academic growth
  • Help each student identify an appropriate balance among academics, athletics, the arts and other interests
  • Develop and broaden methods of instruction to best serve enrolled students
  • Provide advisory and student support that promotes confidence, creativity, independence, and resilience
Develop the curriculum to fulfill the promise of educating women for the world
  • Through online technology and/or consortia with other institutions, explore opportunities to expand our curriculum 
  • Maximize the potential of our science, math, and technology programs
  • Examine academic requirements to allow for greater flexibility in course selection
  • Continually evaluate 4-12 grade scope and sequence to fulfill multicultural education objectives
  • Align the breadth of academic and co-curricular offerings (athletics, performing arts, travel opportunities) with our resources and our responsibility to help each student identify an appropriate balance in her daily life
Create a new daily schedule in coordination with St Albans
  • Develop a schedule that includes opportunities for rotation, community time, resource periods, professional development, and innovation
  • Make changes in the coordinate program necessary to allow innovation and achieve flexibility while preserving the essential value of the coeducational experience