The Arts Curriculum

Every student at NCS pursues artistic expression in some form, be it music, theater, ceramics, textiles, or dance. The arts program at NCS and St. Albans School is truly among the most diverse in the country: On any given day, you might find students sketching in the Bishop's Garden, exploring the Cathedral Close for interesting photo angles, or practicing the ancient tradition of English change-ringing on tower bells.

Visual Arts students at NCS find creativity in a beautiful and capacious two-level studio filled with plenty of natural light and views of the Cathedral. Young artists can pursue a variety of passions through course offerings such as art history, drawing, bookmaking, painting, ceramics, and traditional and digital photography.

The Performing Arts program offers NCS students another opportunity for self-expression, achievement, social interaction, and—most importantly—fun. The options include theater, dance, instrumental music, and vocal groups. Each includes several public performances throughout the year.

The arts are an active and integral part of a girl's education, fostering empathy, insight, collaboration and creative thought.