Three NCS Singers Join an All-Star Youth Chorus

Three NCS students were selected to perform this winter at the Kennedy Center as part of the Choral Arts Society of Washington Youth Chorus.
Sareen Balian '19, Veronica Merrill '17, and Kate Whatley '18 were tapped for the chorus, which comprises 24 talented singers from the DC area. The group performed as part of "A Choral Arts Christmas" on Dec. 12, 18, and 24, singing Carol of the Bells and Lux Aurumque, and joining with the full Choral Arts Society for the program's final set of carols.
Merril called it "the opportunity of a lifetime," adding, "In a few short rehearsals, our small choir performed as a brilliantly blended, cohesive group, reminding me and the other singers of the unifying power of music, especially choral singing."
This was Balian's second time to sign with the youth chorus; she has also sung with the Choral Arts Chorus, a symphonic group with more than 150 singers, on the National Mall and the Kennedy Center.
The youth chorus also included five St. Albans students: Guyton Harvey '17, Luke Mott '19, Christian Potter '18, Matthew Sheets '19, and Sam Shipps '18. The group was founded last year by Brandon Straub, the new director of choral music at NCS and St. Albans and the associate conductor and pianist of the Choral Arts Society, who wanted to create an “all-star” chamber ensemble of some of the DC area’s top high school singers.
Congratulations to these fine singers and amazing students!
    • The Choral Arts Society of Washington Youth Chorus. Veronica Merril '17 is second from left on the bottom row, Sareen Balian '19 is second from left in middle row, and Kate Whatley '18 is second from left in back row. (Photo by Shannon Finney Photography)