Spring Benefit

On March 9, 2019, over 400 community members will gather for the annual Spring Benefit to raise funds in support of student scholarship and the talented faculty and staff who teach and mentor our remarkable students.

National Cathedral School has a long tradition of providing young women with an unparalleled education consisting of unique academic, artistic, and service-oriented opportunities. We pride ourselves on our dedicated faculty and staff who give our students the confidence to tackle not only academic challenges but also empower them to take on the world when they leave our classrooms. 

Thank you to our 2019 Patrons for their generous philanthropic support!

Mrs. Haise Borgmann and Mr. Kevin Borgmann
Mrs. Maribeth Burg and Mr. David Burg
Mrs. Heath Gibson and Mr. Joseph Gibson
Ms. Alice Hill '74 and Mr. Peter Starr
Mrs. Manisha Kapani and Mr. Roy Kapani
Mrs. Mary Kushan Mr. Jeff Kushan
Mrs. Jeannie Musslewhite and Mr. Robert Musslewhite
Ms. Elise Rabekoff and Mr. Christopher Gladstone
Mrs. Nell Shapiro and Mr. Ed Shapiro
Ms. Soo Shin and Mr. Jeff Kim
Ms. Jennifer Tonkel and Mr. Carlos Fierro
Ms. Katherine Vernot-Jonas and Mr. Richard Jonas

Mrs. Margaret Boyd and Mr. Greg Boyd
Mrs. Jill Bruno and Mr. James Bruno
Ms. Cynthia Hutchings and Mr. Kevin Morin 
Ms. Ellen Jakovic and Mr. David Lipson
Ms. Mary Murphy and Mr. William Lynn
Mrs. Virginia Pommer and Mr. Robert Pommer
Mrs. Kristy Sternhell and Mr. Alex Sternhell

Ms. Susan Ascher and Mr. Paul Kalb
Mrs. Anne Ayres and Mr. David Ayres
Mrs. Bhavana Boggs and Mr. J.C. Boggs
Ms. Leonorah Boulter
Mrs. Kirsten Brown and Mr. Steven Brown
Mrs. Mariana Bush and Mr. Derek Bush
Ms. Melissa Babbage and Mr. Joseph Hockey
Ms. Peggy Bourjaily and Mr. Noah Pollak
Ms. Katrina Cooper and Mr. Keith Tuckwell
Mrs. Elise Darden and Mr. John Darden
Ms. Joy de Menil and Mr. Laird Reed
Mrs. Mary Denney and Mr. Charles Denney
Ms. Annie Elliot and Mr. John Williams
Mrs. Susan Engel and Mr. Steve Engel
Ms. Linda Feldmann and Mr. Ramon de Castro
Ms. Menda Fife
Mrs. Lisa Garnett and Mr. Timothy Garnett
Mrs. Leslie Gordon and Mr. Bart Gordon
Mrs. Margaret Griffin and Mr. Carter Griffin
Mrs. Caroline King and Mr. Christopher King
Ms. Maryanne Lavan and Mr. Larry Harris
Mrs. Catherine Martin and Mr. Kevin Martin
Mrs. Kris McBrady and Mr. Stephen McBrady
Ms. Maya Melhem and Mr. Henry Cason
Mrs. Elizabeth Meyer and Mr. Chip Meyer
Mrs. Catherine Nielsen and Mr. David Nielsen
Ms. Skye Raiser '85 and Mr. David Perlin
Mrs. Carmen Perkins and Mr. Dennis Perkins
Mrs. Emily Porter and Mr. Marc Porter
Mrs. Diana Reynolds and Mr. Roland Reynolds
Mrs. Cheryl Ryan and Mr. Jay Ryan
Mrs. Rhonda Schmidtlein and Mr. John Schmidtlein
Ms. Linda Keene Solomon '82
Mrs. Cameron Taylor and Mr. Gordon Taylor

Faculty and Staff Sponsors
Ms. Catherine Martin and Mr. Kevin Martin

2018 Spring Benefit - A Night on Broadway