What is the Annual Fund?

Each year, National Cathedral School's Annual Fund raises more than $2 million from alumnae, parents, faculty/staff, and friends to fund the school’s highest priorities. Gifts to the Annual Fund account for 7 percent of the total operating budget and are put to use immediately in supporting our students.

Celebrate the NCS in You

NCS students are uniquely prepared to thrive as young women and adults, thanks to a school culture that values excellence, service, courage, and conscience. A gift to the Annual Fund is your opportunity to honor NCS's central role, year after year.
The Annual Fund benefits each NCS student today by:
  • Making available an exciting range of educational experiences, such as field trips around the D.C. area and regional and national academic competitions such as Model U.N., Science Olympiad, and the Alpha Eagles robotics team.
  • Providing professional development to our accomplished faculty, helping them better serve students and stay up-to-date on educational trends.
  • Supporting creative opportunities through dance, music, and art courses and through clubs that blend art and academics.
  • Advancing NCS’s legacy of athletic accomplishment by providing support to more than a dozen competitive and noncompetitive sports.
Participate in the Annual Fund this year and every year. Celebrate the NCS in you!

Why Does Your Gift Matter?

Because the quality of an NCS education depends on it.

Why Is Participation Important?

Every gift demonstrates the breadth of our community's commitment to National Cathedral School. Corporations, foundations, and prospective families all see annual-giving-participation rates as an important metric in evaluating a school’s strength. Our record of strong participation—including by 100% of faculty and staff—shows the commitment these people and organizations are looking for. Your Annual Fund gift helps NCS matter to others.
If you have questions about the NCS Annual Fund or if you are interested in becoming an Annual Fund volunteer, please contact Annual Fund Director Catherine Paschal.

Thanks to Our Wonderful Volunteers!

We want to send an enormous “thanks” to our Annual Fund parent volunteers, who are working hard to make this year a success. Their commitment to NCS helps support the people and programs that make NCS so special, by maintaining and enhancing the opportunities available to each student.
If you are interested in joining this group by helping with outreach or have questions, please contact Catherine Paschal at 202-537-6673. Thank you in advance for your support of NCS!

Giving Societies

Generous donors who make a gift of $2,500 or more to the Annual Fund each year receive special recognition, including an invitation to the annual Satterlee Society Reception. Donors to the Circle of Purple and Gold, Head of School Circle and Founder’s Circle are invited to a reception in the spring at the home of the Head of School.

Founder's Circle
$50,000 and above
Head of School Circle
Circle of Purple & Gold
Phoebe Hearst Association
Satterlee Society
1900 Society