Community Service

At NCS, we believe that we have an obligation to make a difference in the world, to contribute to the greater good, and to respond with purpose to the needs of others. Service learning is an essential part of our school culture and the student experience.

Service projects touch every grade at NCS, helping students understand the importance of discovering, exploring and bettering their communities. Through these efforts, we hope students develop a sensitivity to social challenges and a lifelong sense of moral responsibility.

Students also take the lead in identifying and pursuing school service projects through the Upper School Service Board. Recent projects have supported A Wider Circle, Martha's Table, and Bright Beginnings.

By the time an NCS student reaches her senior year, she must have performed 60 hours of community service and 12 hours of in-school (on-campus) service, as well as completing a reflection. Many NCS girls come to see community service—coming to the aid of those in need—as a highlight of their time on the Close, and they make what began as a school requirement into a mission of personal growth.

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  • Endowments

    Thanks to a generous Class of 1999 endowed fund for community service, a gift from the parents that funds certain designated types of community service projects, student leaders at NCS have received remuneration for various projects that they have undertaken during the school year in the Washington metropolitan area. Each year, funds are available to support similar projects.
  • Service Board

    The Upper School Service Board plans and implements projects throughout the school year. The Lower and Middle School communities engage in service projects throughout the year supported by the Lower and Middle School Parent Representatives and Service Coordinators.

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