Spring Benefit 2020

Thank you to the following generous philanthropic Patrons!
Laura Kaplan and Joel Kaplan
Amy Bell and Kevin Bell
Margaret Boyd and Greg Boyd
Helen Brown Bechtel '00 and Brendan Bechtel
Mariana Fariña Bush and Derek Bush
Ellen Jakovic and David Lipson
Mary Kushan and Jeff Kushan
Emily Madan and Raj Madan
Jeannie Musslewhite and Robert Musslewhite
Caroline Osborne and John Osborne
Diana Reynolds and Roland Reynolds
Nell Shapiro and Ed Shapiro
Katherine Vernot-Jonas and Richard Jonas
Susan Ascher and Paul Kalb
Ghedam Bairu and Andrew Dabalen
Haise Borgmann and Kevin Borgmann
Joy de Menil and Laird Reed
Melanie Griffin and Jeff Griffin
Cynthia Hutchings and Kevin Morin
Sarah Kahn and Richard Graf
Manisha Kapani and Roy Kapani
Nina Rees and Matthew Rees
Allison Riepe '97 and James Riepe
Jill Smith and Hayes Smith
Jonice Tucker and Stacy Tucker
Helen Zhang and Edward Liu
Cidalia Luis-Akbar and Maseed Akbar
Selvi Atayeva and Nico Valckx
Anne Ayres and David Ayres
Lisa Barclay and Timothy Berry
Bhavana Boggs and J.C. Boggs
Melissa Babbage-Hockey and Joseph Hockey
Jessica Boulanger and Todd Boulanger
Peggy Bourjaily and Noah Pollak
Kirsten Brown and Steven Brown
Jill Bruno and James Bruno
Nina Budina and Roumen Boudin
Marybeth Burg and David Burg
Laura Capito '99 and Charles Capito
Kimberly Cestari and Kenneth Cestari
Samantha Chappell and Michael Chappell
Hadley Cooper and William Cooper
Amanda Davidoff and Sam Davidoff
Mary Denney and Charles Denney
Liz Dougherty and Paul Dougherty
Christine Enermark and William Minor
Susan Engel and Steven Engel
Menda Fife
Lisa Garnett and Timothy Garnett
Carrie Goux and Jonathan Spalter
LaToya Graham and William Graham
Paola Guajardo and Jorge Guajardo
Lisa Hamako and Gerald Masoudi
Elizabeth Hayes and David Hayes
Stacy Holleman and Vernon Holleman
Margaret Hutton and Carter Griffin
Betsy Keeley and Mike Keeley
Caroline King and Christopher King
Sarah Knakmuhs and Heath Knakmuhs
Karen Knutson and Kent Knutson
Larissa Lapteva and Konstantin Khludenev
Annette Larkin
Catherine Martin and Kevin Martin
Jennifer Mascott and Jeff Mascott
Kris McBrady and Stephen McBrady
Severina Mladenova and Matthew Nicely
Mary Murphy and William Lynn
Shadan Nasibdar and Habib Nasibdar
Catherine Nielsen and David Nielsen
Allison Nyholm and Michael Flannigan
Carmen Perkins and Dennis Perkins
Sarah Poggi
Virginia Pommer and Robert Pommer
Julia Pulzone and Michael Marshall
Laura Puryear and Jake Puryear
Nicolle Rippeon and Benjamin Rippeon
Cheryl Ryan and Jay Ryan
Rhonda Schmidtlein and John Schmidtlein
Stephanie Sierra and Antonio Sierra
Katherine Silverthorne and David Lashway
Linda Keene Solomon '82
Kristy Sternhell and Alexander Sternhell
Cameron Taylor and Gordon Taylor
Eleanor Lackey Tessier '82
Pamela Venzke and Patrick Venzke
Cara Verma and Dinesh Verma
Suzanne Youngkin and Glenn Youngkin
Sogand Zamani and Ahmad Hajj

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